Tips on Hiring A Band Abroad

If you have an event in Europe or abroad and you want to hire wedding bands Ireland, you need to be aware of some few things. First, you need to understand that the location of the event will determine the cost so as you make enquiries, you should have this in mind.

Many bands do not have a limitation when it comes to their area of work as they can travel far and wide. Bands which comprise of young people without families are more open to performing abroad as compared to bands made up of people with families.

Some costs incurred when hiring a band for a function in Belgium, Holland and France as long as they drive to the venue

  • Performance fee
  • Fuel costs
  • Accommodation for the members of the band
  • Food which includes soft drinks and meals for the band as long as they are on tour
  • You should expect the band to charge a higher fee if the gig is abroad. They will use the charge to compensate for the time they will spend outside their schedule

Costs incurred in contracting a wedding band in Germany, Portugal, South of France, Spain, Austria, Italy, and further abroad

If the wedding is too far to drive, then the band has no option other than to fly as for their equipment such as backline and PA systems have to be supplied. In such cases, the band is required to quote their fee for the performance then everything else including accommodation and travel expenses. To be on the safe side, agents planning for such gigs should book the travel and accommodation for the band so that they can be in full control of the band’s expenditure.

Some of the cost requirements are shown below:

  • Performance fee
  • Return ticket to UK
  • UK fuel expense or airport parking fee
  • Accommodation for the band members
  • Taxi expense to the venue from the destination
  • Food such as soft drinks and meals during their travel
  • Additional expenses for the band during the time that they will be on the tour
  • Backline ( drum kit and guitar amps) and PA systems

Remember that every band uses a specific backline and PA system so as you hire them for the band, makes sure that you get the specific equipment that they use. Look for a reliable company that supplies PA systems so that you can be sure that you get the best equipment.

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