Finest Barcode Scanners for Business

The market is flooded with a variety of barcode scanners that anyone can use for whatever purpose. All these varieties may not necessarily be fit for a specific business. Businesses are special and thus should be treated as special. Care should be taken when deciding what type of barcode scanner is fit for business. There are a number of options one can pick from but before selection it is important to know the type of application to be used in the business.

To begin with are the One-Dimensional (1D) Barcode scanners best known in their different formats as the UPC-A, Code128 and the GS1 Databar Stacked. You will mostly find them being commonly used in less complicated systems like grocery stores and most businesses. They are typically line scanners.

What separates the two-dimensional (2D) barcodes from the one-dimensional barcodes are the tiny little square pixel dots that make them up. They are a square centimeter in dimension. They are commonly known as Aztec codes and are used in health care.

The third type combines the features of both one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes. The PDF417 Bar Code has both the pixel dots and the lines. The barcode is bigger and it ranges several inches wide.

The type of barcode to be scanned determines the type of barcode scanner to be used. The scanners are available in two different forms; the barcode imager and the laser scanner. One dimensional barcodes only need a laser scanner. Business that utilize barcodes for inventory purposes need laser scanners. Two-dimensional and PDF barcodes utilize the imager services that work a little different from the one-dimensional scanner and is costlier.

Another level of scanners goes to its portability. Depending on how it is used, you can either have a stationary (Fixed Mount) or a movable (Portable) scanner. Portable scanners can be hand held and the light directed to the barcode. The fixed scanners are mounted, it is the item that bears the barcode that is moved in front of the scanner. There are cases you may need to use both scanners based on the business.

Lastly, you also have to consider the situation where the scanner will be used. In most retail situations, a general-purpose scanner is sufficient. A rugged scanner on the other hand would be most ideal in an environment where wear and tear are above the optimum levels and need higher longevity.

Many scanners will have extra functionalities like support for USB, wireless functionalities and Bluetooth to make work easier. At the end of the day, investing in the best scanners will definitely enhance the functionality of the business.

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